Individual Coaching

Learn from an Experienced Simmer
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Simmers Helping Simmers

FSA Captains receive a free, 30-minute meeting with an experienced simmer. Designed for newcomers or those jumping into add-ons or online flying for the first time, the live session takes the guesswork out of getting started!

During the session, discuss topics like:

  • The value of a home flight simulator for pilot training
  • Your flight simulator choices
  • Flight simulation hardware options
  • Getting started with online flying, including ATC networks like VATSIM, Virtual Airlines, and more
  • The best flight simulation add-ons
  • Ideas you have for how FSA can help you
Community Aviation

Looking for Detailed Help?

For more involved and recurring one-on-one help, including remote flight instruction via the simulator, we’ve partnered with Community Aviation to offer FSA Captains discounts on the following coaching programs:

  • PC Flight Simulator Builder Assist
  • PilotEdge Live ATC Setup Assist
  • Remote Training Orientation

Become a Captain to access a 20% discount on Community Aviation’s top programs.