Single Pilot Flight Operations with MiraCheck
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  • Date: 27 Jun 2022
  • Time: 2000-2100 UTC
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Single Pilot Flight Operations with MiraCheck

If you have ever flown—an airplane or the simulator—with a copilot, you know how much easier and safer flying can be when you focus on flying the airplane and have a second set of eyes on the rest. However, many pilots don't have the luxury of offloading tasks to a copilot, and that's especially true of home flight simulation.

When flying single-pilot, being organized, prepared, and ahead of the airplane can be the difference between an easy, safe flight and one that can quickly turn hectic. That's where tools like MiraCheck copilot come in! In this live webinar, MiraCheck Copilot founder Jeff Bonasso will walk through the importance of workload management for single-pilot operations using a product designed to customize workflows and help manage single-pilot flight operations.

MiraCheck offers the ability to go through checklists, receive information for any airport in the world, set heading and altitude alerts, and more, all completely hands-free using your voice. It works in both flight simulators and real aircraft: no matter the setting, your MiraCheck copilot understands all phases of flight you are in and can be proactive about helping you. Join the session to learn how thousands of real-world pilots fly safer with a virtual copilot by their side.

More About MiraCheck
MiraCheck is both a mobile app that runs on tablets and phones for interacting with your virtual copilot, as well as a platform to customize your content to your exact workflow. There is an open-source community where hundreds of aircrafts have been shared and we have a partnership with the leading company of printed checklists where they have 100 aircraft models in MiraCheck format. You can learn more about MiraCheck at

Presenter Bio
Jeff Bonasso is an instrument rated private pilot and Founder and CEO of MiraCheck and AmbiFi, the enterprise version of MiraCheck that brings the methodologies of aviation to other safety-critical industries like healthcare and manufacturing. Jeff has been a software architect for 30 years and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Penn State University.