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A free resource for getting started in flight simulation.

FSA is an independent, community-driven organization that works to keep our hobby growing.

How FSA Can Help

New Simmers

For New SimmersLooking to get into flight simulation for the first time.

FSA offers guides, learning resources, and webinars that centralize the information out there, making it easier to get started.

Experienced Simmers

For Experienced SimmersWanting unique ways to connect with the community.

Members receive discounts on top-tier products and get access to webinars on flying techniques and product development.

Real World Pilots

For Real-World PilotsWanting to set up a home simulator for training and proficiency.

Our resources can help you set up your first home sim and connect you to the best simulation add-ons for pilot training.

Aspiring Real World Pilots

For Aspiring Real-World PilotsWanting to learn how simulation can aid in real-world flying.

Our Real-World Flight Training Guide discusses how simmers can transition to flying aircraft for fun or as a professional.

Independently Operated, Proudly Supported By

FSA works with simmers, content creators, and developers alike to provide resources for flight simulation. Long-term, we want to build a community-driven organization that can help grow our hobby.

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About FSA

From the FSExpo Team

FSA is provided by the organizers of FlightSimExpo, North America’s largest enthusiast flight simulation conference.

Full of Resources

From “getting started” guides to in-depth tutorial flights, FSA connects members to a wealth of learning experiences.

Discounts to Get You Started

Members get access to a rotating set of discounts and vouchers on popular flight simulation add-ons.

For the Community

We’ve partnered with news websites and content creators to include videos from faces you’ll recognize. We’ve created lots of ways for FSA Members to contribute.

Designed to Help You Discover

Our resources include categorized lists of hardware and software add-ons to help get started. For advanced users, Webinars presented by developers and experts will help you get the most of your home flying.

Available for Free

Anyone can join FSA, for free. You’ll immediately get lifelong access to our Guides and be able to watch free live and recorded Webinars.

Are You a Real-World Pilot?

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