Introduction to Helicopter Flight Simulation
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  • Date: 22 Jan 2022
  • Time: 2000-2100 UTC
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Introduction to Helicopter Flight Simulation

Helicopter flight simulation is an exciting and challenging sub-genre of our community, filled with its own nuances. To celebrate the launch of our new Guide to Helicopter Flight Simulation, the founder of the community will be joining us for a special live discussion of helicopter flying in modern flight simulation. You’ll learn about the sims, hardware, and training techniques to help you discover an entirely new and challenging side to flight simulation.

1. Introduction
2. Overview of Helicopter Flying, Simulator Options, and Flight Controls
3. Live Demonstration Flight
4. Questions and Answers

Presenter Bio:
Sérgio is the editor and founder of He has been a flight simulation enthusiast for over 20 years and dedicated himself almost exclusively to helicopters for the past 12 years. With, he has been spearheading the effort to raise awareness to helicopter flight simulation inside the community and with developers, which has been slowly giving results as there is a number of products starting to appear in the market that has this subset of the hobby in consideration.