Flight Simulation Clubs

Meet and Sim With Others in Your Area
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Find a Local Connection

Like with any hobby, it's helpful to have a local support group you can reach out to to ask questions, exchange ideas, and enjoy simulation together! Below is a list of in-person flight simulation clubs who have reached out to us. If there's an active flight simulation club in your area, we encourage you to join and engage with your fellow flight simmers, in-person.

Note that the clubs listed on this page are independent organizations that are not affiliated with FSA.

Know of a Club, or Looking to Start One?

If you're aware of a club that's not on this list, please contact us with the details and so that we can add it to this page. Similarly, if you're interested in starting a flight simulation club, please reach out to us. We can put you in touch with FSA members who are local to your area and help publicize it to our membership.

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San Diego, CA

SimFlite, based in San Diego County, has been around for over 25 years and has an active membership of about 15 enthusiasts. Meetings are held monthly, either at members' homes or online via Zoom.

Ocala Flight Simulation Club

Ocala, FL

Monthly meetings are held at Ocala Airport (KOCF). The club has about 15 active members and sends a monthly newsletter.

North West Flight Simulator Group

Manchester, United Kingdom

Monthly meetings are held at the Heald Green Village Hall near Stockport, South Manchester.