Flight Simulation Resources

One of the best things about flight simulation is the HUGE community of people who are just as nerdy passionate about this as you! You’ll find a wealth of free resources available for new simmers, from news websites to product reviews to YouTube and Twitch streamers.

This page showcases some of the more popular flight simulation news and content sources. It comes from partners we’ve worked with, submissions from our members, and groups that participate in Navigraph’s annual flight simulation community survey. We’re constantly updating and adding to the list too.

News and Learning

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Content Creators

The list below represents streamers, vloggers, and other content creators who have collaborated with FSA. We welcome anyone with a significant online presence to reach out to us. If you think someone is missing from this list, please encourage them to send us an email so we can work together!

  • AirbusFTW
  • Baldur Aviation
  • Belgeode
  • Blu Games
  • British Avgeek
  • catstrator
  • chillywillies
  • Eurotian
  • Gear Up Gaming
  • JetStream Radio
  • Jonfly
  • KatiePilot
  • Moosestaffa
  • NickFlightX
  • sh3ed
  • Slant Alpha Adventures
  • Spudknocker
  • Squirrel
  • The Flight Sim Deck
  • The787Centauri

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