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Our Mission

FSA works with simmers, content creators, and developers alike to provide resources for getting started in flight simulation. Long-term, we want to build a community-driven organization that can help grow our hobby.

We Aim to Be

Neutral in the content we offer.

We aim to present factual information based on publicly-available sources, statistics, developer/partner input, and member feedback. If we’re sharing our opinion, you’ll know. And if you see something we’ve missed, let us know. We’ll respond to your feedback and get it corrected.

Fair in how we welcome members and developers.

We aim to be inclusive: anyone can create an account and become a member. Partners don’t pay us anything, and webinars are scheduled based on member feedback. We aim to treat Partners, Contributors, and other collaborators equally, regardless of their size.

Original in what we offer.

We want to create things the community doesn’t already have. We don’t have a forum, web store, or report on the news because there are other great places that already offer these features.

Respectful of privacy, our members, and our collaborators.

Unless you tell us it’s okay, we don’t share any information with third parties. We don’t share emails with third parties or sell personal data, and you have complete control of the notifications you receive. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use provide details on our data practices.

Transparent in how content is created and presented.

We take input and feedback from members, developers, content creators, and other website users when we create content. We have full editorial control of all of our content, but we do our best to collaborate with the community and present you the best we have to offer.

Approachable, for both members and collaborators.

We offer a simple membership structure, support via email or phone, and promise to get back to you as quickly as we can. For collaborators, we’re flexible: if you’re a developer who wants to reach more customers, a content creator seeking to share your knowledge, or a freeware creator who wants to share what they’ve done, we’ll find a way to work with you.

Helpful to developers in the community.

We want to help developers to continue to create products and services that are meaningful for you. We hope to collect and aggregate statistics and feedback from the community to help developers make decisions.

If you have questions, want to share ideas, or want to get involved:

Contact Us or visit our dedicated page for how you can get involved.