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Exclusive Offers for FSA Members
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FSA Member Savings with Aerosoft

  • Redeemable via Aerosoft Redeem Discount
  • Available to:All FSA Members
  • Simulators: MSFS XP
  • Proudly provided to FSA Members by:Aerosoft


Aerosoft offers FSA members special pricing on a variety of popular software and hardware add-ons!

The December 2022 update includes 15% off all Honeycomb products shown here, except the bundles with X-Plane and the pre-order Charlie pedals. 15% off will be calculated at checkout; the final offer price will be as reflected on the Aerosoft website at checkout after use of a discount code provided by FSA.

To redeem any of these discounts, send an email to with the product(s) you'd like to purchase. We'll reply with a personalized discount code for use on the Aerosoft store.