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Save $10 on Flight Sim Stuff TPM Controllers

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Flight Sim Stuff creates 3D printed Throttle, Propeller, Mixture (TPM) controllers for flight simulators. A labor of love, each controller takes 30+ hours of printing, soldering, assembling, and testing, all done by Shawn in Michigan.

Flight Sim Stuff proudly offers FSA Captains a $10 discount on their lineup of TPM controllers, including the variants with the desk mounts and flap assembly. You can learn more about Flight Sim Stuff at

Note: Prices listed on this page are current as of July 2022 and may not reflect current pricing. Access Flight Sim Stuff's website for current pricing. FSA discount is $10 off the current price shown at

Example Savings Available With this Discount

$139.00 $129.00
TPM with Trim
$199.00 $189.00