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Save $100 on SLAVX Panels and More!

  • Redeemable via Stay Level Avionix Redeem Discount
  • Available to:FSA Captains Only
  • Proudly provided to FSA Captains by:Stay Level Avionix


 Since 2018, Stay Level Avionix has designed and manufactured high-quality, metal-fabricated panels in Chicago.  Powder coating gives a professional, durable finish that is also environmentally friendly throughout the production process. From panel layout and component compatibility to the leather glare shield with LED lighting and trim, all details speak to a product with no compromises.

FSA Captains save $100 on panels, including pre-fabricated designs built to fit common flight simulation add-ons as well as custom builds. Savings are also available on Virtual-Fly hardware, including the new SWITCHO suite.
Save $100 on SLAVX Panels and More!