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Home flight simulation is using a computer and simple hardware to engage your "aviation brain" for training and proficiency. Anyone can do this—no expertise is required!

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  • Jason Miller

    It’s amazing to me how many thousands of dollars I see people spending on their flight training that they could save if they were just properly using home simulators.

    Jason Miller CFII and Creator of The Finer Points
  • Steve Thorne

    The flight sim community is huge and I'm trying to convince more real pilots to take a serious look at flight sims.

    Steve "Flight Chops" Thorne Aviation Content Creator
  • Steve Thorne

    Maintaining proficiency with avionics, communications, muscle memory, and checklists doesn’t just have to happen in the plane at 3,000 ft. You can build those core principles comfortably, and at your own pace, using home flight simulation.

    John Albers Founder, Stay Level Avionix

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