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Simmer Search is designed to help you find flight simmers in your area and arrange meet ups. Connect via email to get help, exchange ideas, and even sim together, in-person!

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Enter the ICAO code of your closest airport to see who's nearby.


View other members' proximity to you, their simulation experience, and interests.

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How Simmer Search Works

See who else is into flight simulator in your area and start up a "hangar talk" conversation via email.

Connections Made

Create a Simmer Search Profile

Tell others about your simulation interests and experience.


Search and Connect

See who’s nearby and send requests to connect via email.


Continue the Conversation

Once you’re connected, continue the conversation via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Simmer Search? Check Out the FAQs Below.

Simmer Search Setup (3)

How does Simmer Search work?
Based on the location you select as your home airport, Simmer Search will show you nearby simmers who have opted to participate in Simmer Search. You’ll be able to see an abbreviated profile of their experience and interests as well as their proximity to you (rounded to the nearest 10 miles or km). You’ll also have the option to "connect" with other simmers. When a simmer accepts your connection request, or you accept theirs, you’ll be introduced via email, at which point you can start a conversation.
What are the requirements to use Simmer Search?
To participate, you’ll need to be an Flight Simulation Association member who has opted in to participate. You’ll also need to complete the public profile other simmers can see when searching for you. (You also need a computer, internet connection, and some other technical stuff...but you knew that already, right?)
Why should I use the platform?

Um...fun? Oh, you’re seriously asking.

Well, one of the biggest requests we’ve received from FlightSimExpo attendees is that they want to be able to find others in their area who are also into simulation. That’s what Simmer Search offers: you can see who else in your neighborhood is into simulation. That allows you to learn from people in your area or even organize safe meet-ups of small groups of simmers who are nearby.

Making Connections (3)

How do I search and make connections?
Once you’ve opted in to Simmer Search, you’ll see nearby simmers displayed in geographical order. The further down the list you scroll, the further away the simmer is. If you want to reach out to that simmer, click the "Connect" button to send them a request.
What happens once a connection is made?
To make a connection, one simmer sends a "connection request". Once the other party accepts the request, an email is sent to both members with an introduction. From there, it’s up to you to take the conversation anywhere you want to. "Hello, how are you?" is usually a good start!
How do I communicate with my connections?
Once you’ve been connected, you’ll have the other member’s email address. From there, you can communicate however you’d like! Although, we caution you against using smoke signals.

Privacy (6)

Am I required to be visible in Simmer Search? Can other people find me without my permission?
Definitely not! Each FSA subscriber has the option to participate in Simmer Search. You can choose not to provide or withdraw your consent at any time.
Is my information shared automatically?
Negative. We’ll only include you in Simmer Search if you choose to take part. Of course, if you don’t take part, that also means other simmers won’t be able to find you.
What information is shared?

When you opt in to Simmer Search and create a public profile, it will display your first name, last initial, home airport, age, and the interests/experience you select. You’ll see and approve your profile before it becomes public.

When you “connect” with another simmer, you’ll receive each others’ email addresses.

Can other people see my address or location?
We do not share physical addresses in any situation. If you opt in, the only location information another simmer will receive is your home airport ICAO code and an approximate distance (rounded to the nearest 10 miles or kilometers).
Can I hide my information at any time?
Yes; you can opt out of Simmer Search at any time. Opting out will remove you from the Simmer Search database and reset all of your connections. However, anyone you have connected with could still have your email address.
Can I use a specific email for Simmer Search?
Yes—in fact, we recommend it! Because other users will see your email address once you’re connected, you might wish to set up an email address specifically for Simmer Search. You can do this within your account settings. Notifications related to Simmer Search (like when a contact wants to connect with you) will still come to your primary account email.

Other Information (3)

Is it possible to chat with people through the website?
Not right now. The platform is designed to make introductions via email, and then let you continue on the conversation from there.
Can I connect with people using another form of communication like Discord or social media?
Sure, feel free! Once you’ve been connected via email, you can invite people to chat via Discord, social media, or any other means. However, you’ll have to introduce yourself via email first.
I have other questions. Where can I get them answered?
If they’re related to Flight Simulation Association, send us an email. Otherwise, your local library is full of books (remember those?) containing useful information!

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Simmer Search is available with a $3/month Captain Membership, which includes many other benefits.